Cabramatta Vineyard Church

Which came first, the mission or the church?

  1. Most Western Christians get saved into an existing church with well developed ecclesiastical structures.
    • Discipleship is defined in terms of obligations to ‘the church’ – attend and put your money in the plate.
  2. It is surprising to discover that in the New Testament, the mission precedes the church.
    • Christ commissioned his disciples to go and make disciples. Mission comes first.
    • Jesus taught his first disciples how to do his mission.3.Followers of Jesus enter a community with the good news. When people receive the good news, a believing community is formed. Mission produces the church.
    • The church is the product and result of the mission.
    • The church is also intended to be the main agent of the mission.
  3. Mission is the main business of the church.
    • Jesus saves us and calls us to join him on his mission.