Cabramatta Vineyard Church

the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy

A few years back, when we were allowed to cross state borders and fly in aeroplanes, I was returning from Brisbane after a weekend training leaders.

While waiting at the departure gate, I noticed a young couple, also waiting. Sometimes the Holy Spirit directs your gaze and highlights a person when he is wanting to do something. In this case, I couldn’t be sure, because the young woman was very pretty.

Things became clearer when I got to my seat and guess who came to sit beside me. I started paying closer attention. As we chatted, I discovered they were christians. Recently married. Heading home to Sydney after scouting somewhere to live in Queensland.

A word began forming but it wasn’t a comfortable word that you want to give to complete strangers. I felt the Lord telling me that there were some fertility issues, that the young woman could not get pregnant and healing was coming. Awkward.

You, of course, were properly trained not to give directional prophecies or prophesy babies to childless couples.

I asked some delicate questions about pregnancy and the young woman began to cry. I told them what I thought Jesus was saying and asked if they would let me pray for healing. Quite overwhelmed, they agreed.

I asked the husband to place his hand on his wife’s tummy and prayed healing and blessing. The Holy Spirit came gently. I broke the curse of the doctors’ diagnosis and prayed some other things the Lord gave me.

A picture was also forming for the husband about Jacob at the river Jabbok, leaving his father’s household, wrestling with his father’s god and taking his father’s faith and the promises of God as his own. Stepping into destiny.

This was one of those words where you start with a little bit, open your mouth to prophesy and the words tumble out. Afterwards you wonder where they came from.

Turns out that he is a worship leader and the son of a prominent Pentecostal pastor in the northern suburbs of Sydney. They were heading home to attend the twentieth anniversary of his father’s church. And moving to Queensland.

They appeared to be deeply impacted. I left the girl with my copy of Robbie Dawkins’ book Do What Jesus Did, which I was planning to read on the way home.

Later that week, while on playground duty at school, I received a phone call from the prominent Sydney pastor, thanking me for being brave and for blessing his family. They had wept together.

This was five or six years ago. Never found out what happened.

Until yesterday, that is.

The young man tracked me down on LinkedIn (no, I can’t believe I’m on LinkedIn either) and asked if I was the guy who gave them a word on a flight back from Brisbane. Here is some of what he said:

Well, basically everything you said in the word has come true, including our healthy and happy newborn son [name deleted]. We just did a testimonial at Presence church up in the Gold Coast last Sunday and mentioned your word and how God has come through against doctors saying we wouldn’t be able to fall pregnant, etc. we can’t thank you enough for having the courage to follow through on delivering His message, it changed our lives and gave us faith when the odds were against us.

They included a photo of their gorgeous little man.

How good is that? We’ve been in lockdown for three months. Can’t even talk to strangers, let alone pray for them.

Still, God is in the business of doing really cool stuff when we tune in to what he is doing.

And sometimes he encourages us years later when we get to hear how a simple act of obedience, a bit of risk and a lot of God’s generous grace changes lives.

Jesus said, I only do what I see my Father doing (John 5.19).

This is their story. That’s why I didn’t used any names.

But it’s my story, too. It’s like the Holy Spirit gave me a nudge and said, ‘Greg, you can read about it. Or we can do it together. You choose. I’m about to do something really special. Do you want to play?’

I got to be part of a miracle.

Remember whose people we are.

Keep pressing in.

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap a harvest, if we do not give up (Galatians 6.9).